Understand digital
and grow your revenue.

Digital Business Council’s mission is to help its clients and partners make the most of international Online Business Opportunities and grow through Online Sales & Marketing and Sales Force Enablement.

Online Sales & Marketing Outsourcing

Digital Business Council brings in all the required expertise to be successful at a fraction of the cost you would spend to put the team together.

Advisory Services

to have the digital business council team advise Strategy, Planning, Budgeting, Staffing and Execution Management.

Executive Education

to bring your staff and management up to speed on the latest trends in Digital Business Development.

Our areas of expertise are Digital Strategy, Digital Planning and Staffing, Business Planning and Budgeting, Digital Marketing Campaign Management, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization and Sales Enablement.

Some of our previous clients

With our proprietary methodology Digital Growth Ecosystem, the team helps you assess the maturity of your online business opportunity, allows you to create a real-life business plan and supports you executing its steps. With our multichannel experience, our team will help you save time, avoid costly mistake and educate your staff while delivering on the projects.

Executive Education

Following to an assessment of your needs, the Advisory Team at Digital Business Council will physically come in to train your staff, management and executives on the topics that could drive most value to your business.

Increase online traffic on your web pages.

If you intend to grow your business by increasing the number of visitors on your website or by increasing the number of leads you generate, a member of our advisory team will train your staff on the best tools, processes and best practices to become an expert at increasing visits on your web pages.

Increase Revenues from your existing online traffic.

If you already spend considerable budgets on generating traffic, leads and sales, our team of experts can train your staff on the best practices, tools and processes required to increase your conversion rate and optimize your budgets. Clients have seen achieving greater results with up to 40% less budget and this service normally pays for itself.

Advisory Services

The pace of change caused by technology and emerging online business methodologies is seen as a threat by most and as an opportunity by very few.

What makes a difference between these two? Their ability to understand, plan and adapt to the new ways in which their clients want to buy their services.

With over 300 new business models and technologies studied every year, Digital Business Council advises clients via video conference or physically, contributing with new ways to grow the business, solve existing problems with innovative digital tactics and help the planning for the next generation of every company’s revenue stream.

Online Sales & Marketing Outsourcing

Not everyone needs full time resources all the time. When that is the case, the Digital Business Council team steps in to support the client with the Online Sales & Marketing staff, process and technology the client needs.

The skills required to deliver an online project are multiple and often very hard to manage. The benefit Digital Business Council brings to the table is to get a team of several highly skilled professionals covering everything from Digital Strategy, Campaign Management to Copywriting at the cost of just one full time employee and it provides a team of experts with 15+ years of experience to manage the staff for you.

We understand how hard it is sometime to align your goals with those of an agency or other outsourcing firms and this is why we believe in being rewarded in proportion to the results we generate, aligning our goals, actions and ideas to those of the client.